Celebrating the KC Standard Team Achievements in Style

An upcoming R&R retreat will honor The KC Standard promotional specialists for their hard work and recent achievements. The firm's President discussed the excursion and the benefits of team travel events.

“We believe in helping our branding experts expand their horizons through travel,” stated the President of The KC Standard. “Our people attend various industry events, learning from highly accomplished professionals in the process. We also offer relaxing retreats as incentives for outstanding performance. To reward our team members for their hard work over the past few months, we’re sending them to Las Vegas in late September for an R&R getaway.”

Many top performers and influential leaders from across the country will be attending the Las Vegas R&R. This means it will be a prime opportunity for The KC Standard branding experts to add to their contact lists. The company’s President commented, “Our team members will be able to discuss best practices and emerging methods with all kinds of successful people. Learning about the different approaches people take to achieve winning results will help our promotional specialists streamline their daily efforts.”

The connections made at an event such as the Las Vegas R&R can also open doors to future business opportunities. “We’ve expanded our firm’s reach thanks to the contacts our people make at big industry gatherings,” the company’s President added. “With every new connection comes another chance at a future venture or referral.”

The KC Standard’s President on the Positive Outcomes of Team Travel 

There are many benefits to be gained from sending team members on trips, whether they’re focused on learning, networking, or simply relaxing. The Las Vegas retreat will offer all three of these advantages, as well as a general morale boost. “Our branding experts come back to The KC Standard HQ freshly inspired to collaborate after a team getaway,” the firm’s President noted. “As they meet with accomplished people and listen to keynote speeches, our people gain clearer views of the big picture. They’re more in tune with what’s possible in our business if they keep applying themselves.”

Team bonding is enhanced during travel events through learning opportunities. The company’s President explained, “As our people attend breakout sessions and hear speeches on emerging techniques, they contribute to each other’s understanding in unique ways. Everyone brings his or her own perspective to the new concepts and skills being developed. When they return to our office, our branding experts are well equipped to use what they learned to refine their processes.”

About The KC Standard: 

The KC Standard is a leader in event-based marketing solutions that help brands capture customer attention in crowded market environments. Each campaign is bold, smart, and gets to the core of what matters to buyers – personalized buying experiences with riveting stories. The team members share a genius for communicating with clarity and enthusiasm to transform products into recognized names. They gain unsurpassed results by combining ingenuity with rock-solid strategy and following roads less traveled. Learn more about their approach at thekcstandard.com.

Source: The KC Standard